Boston Walk for PKD

Hogans Hero

Hello all and welcome back!

Hogans Hero is back and more ready than ever!

Laughs for Lizzie was a huge success thanks to you!! What a kick off to the Boston Walk for PKD 2017 season! Thank you all for coming, buying raffle tickets and laughing with us! We appreciate all of the raffle items and siltent auction items donated. BIG shout out to Christine Hurley for making us all laugh our butts off for a good cause!

Now lets get walking!!!

I want to thank everyone in advance for their participation and donations to the PKD foundation. As you may already know I had been going to Children's Hospital since before I was born because something was wrong with my kidneys and liver. A name for my condition was finally given to me at the age of 12. I was told, "You have Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney disease. There is no cure for this disease. The cysts on your kidneys will grow and multiply until your kidneys fail. When your kidneys fail you will need a kidney transplant or go on dialysis. This will happen when you are around seventeen. Transplants last only ten years."

After that I became a different person, a depressed and anxious person. But through the support of my family, friends and the PKD Foundation, I began to accept my new life and I changed. In my focused attempt to prevent PKD from transforming me, I did the opposite. My doubt converted to confidence and my fear to motivation. I was determined to have PKD and not let PKD have me. My family and I began to educate ourselves about PKD and dive into the PKD community. I began selling END PKD bracelets, giving PKD awareness speeches, advocating in DC and walking for PKD. Then, I turned seventeen; the year it was predicted I would need a transplant. I am happy to say it came and went without a hospital visit. I was transplant and dialysis free and still am to this day.

However, there are many PKD patients out there who are not as lucky as me and that's why I raise awareness for PKD. More than 600,000 Americans and 12.5 million people worldwide battle PKD every day. They Fight Every Day. So we also need to fight. Fight for a treatment and cure for them and END PKD.

So please join me in walking for PKD on September 30th or making a donation to the PKD Foundation. The more money our walkers raise, the more we can do in the fight to end PKD! Together, we can walk boldly toward a future where no one suffers the full effects of PKD.


Elizabeth aka Lizzie <3

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